Lighted, Camera, Site Marker Blimps


Lighted Blimps:

Blimps.co.uk lighting unit for the Blimp, is ideal for short term promotional flights during hours of darkness.

The lighted Blimp has to be manned at all times, and cannot be left along unattended.
Blimps.co.uk can provide an operator to fly the lighted blimp on a rental contract, which is ideal for short promotions.

Illuminated Blimps are lighted via a safe 110 volt system which connects to mains electrics
via its integrated tether line/electric cable line. For safety this utilises a low voltage system supplied via a ground based transformer connected to the mains. Special low voltage but high wattage halogen bulbs are used to ensure a bright illumination of the hull.


Site Marker Blimps:

 Blimps.co.uk can supply a rental blimp to indicate location and height levels. 

  1. Ideal for multi location site marker or building height indication.
  2. Suitable for most Civil engineering projects, be they building, ground works or Wind Turbines.
  3. Single or two day rentals available.
  4.  Multi point flights within a given zone.
  5. Multi blimp flights within a given zone at the same time, enabling you to indicate multiple building or Wind Turbine heights at the same time.
  6. Printed message can be placed onto the Hull of the Blimp or a simple height message indication.
  7. Wind socks indicating multiple height markers can be placed along the tether line of the blimp.
  8. The Blimp can be flown at night and internally lighted, to indicate the visibility of the building or Wind Turbine in the dark.

Camera Blimps/Spheres:

Our camera blimps offer the perfect solution to all of your aerial photography needs, please see photographs in our gallery below to see the aerial photos that we have taken with our go pro camera system. Perfect for: Wind Turbine / Protest Markers, Demonstrations, Estate Agents, Aerial Surveys for architectual sites, Sporting events and Festivals