Rental Blimps



Blimps.co.uk offers a full contract RENTAL service for our Blimps.

We offer single day rentals, and also longer term rentals.

What you get with the rental contract, is the blimp with your full branding, an operator for the day to fly the blimp, and the helium to inflate the blimp. Basically an all in price, so you have no worries about the smooth running of the Blimp during your busy promotion.

Blimp Rentals are suitable if you only have a short promotional campaign of a day or two. Longer periods of hire are not cost effective, and would probably require a purchase of the Blimp. But, remember you can always purchase the blimp and then book an operational contract with us?

The benefit of Renting for short periods, is that it is an all in service. The operator is covered by our own insurance policy, and you have not liability or concerns about damage to the blimp. As all this is covered within the rental contract.

  1. Ideal for short 1-2 day periods of flight
  2. No risk to end client for damge or bad weather
  3. No liability for the care of the Blimp.
  4. Cost effective use for multi site short flight periods.
  5. Full Account Management service, and direct contact with flight operator at all times.

For Blimp Rentals your artwork message will be onto removable side panels.

See below pictures to show you examples of such side mounted panels.

Rentals include a operator, artwork and helium.

Call us for a comprehensive quotation based on your artwork needs and location!!!

Contact the main office for more information on 01455 559956 or contact admin@imagine-inflatables.com