Advertising Blimp Flight Management

Blimps.co.uk offers a full installation and flight service.

Blimp Day Rental:

If your budget is limited or your promotion is a short one, then you can hire a blimp for 1-2 days.Our day rental contract includes, Advertising Blimp, artwork onto detachable banners, helium gas, and an operator to deliver,install, fly, deflate and take away the advertising blimp.

Blimp Contract Rental:

This service is suitable for longer term rentals where multiple sites might need covering with the same rental blimp. A full programme of flights over weekend or weekday periods can be organised either at a single or multsite locations.

Blimp Install & Instruct Service.

This service is where you can purchase a blimp and our trained staff deliver it, inflate and demonstrate the blimp to you. All apects of safe installation, flying and derigging will be provided. A full signed POD is then issued. You are then free to manage the blimp from your now gained experience from the days tutorial.

Contracted Managed Service.

A popular service where our trained operators manage your own purchased Advertising balloon, covering all areas of operations, from storage, cleaning, repairs, flight, derigging and multisite installations.